public projects


[web/law] Fassungsvergleich

Web framework for generating print-ready compilations of Austrian legislature as well as generating change reports for Austrian legislature over a timespan.

Coded in Java/Spring (Backend), AngularJS/PureCSS/CSS3 (Frontend)

Link to the Website


[law] Privacy considerations when conducting digital forensics in raids according to § 12 WettbG

Master thesis about digital forensics used in raids by the Austrian competition authority (BWB) and their compatibility with Austrian and European Data Protection law. Published on IT-LAW.AT.

Link to the Publication


[web] Timetrol

Web application for tracking time spent on projects. Very lean and simple, but allows for defining and controlling users and setting privileges.

Coded in PHP (CodeIgniter)/Javascript/CSS3 (Bootstrap)

Link to the Website


[law] Privacy issues of Social Plugins

Bachelor thesis about Social Plugins and their compatibility with Austrian Data Protection law. Published for the IT-LAW.AT-Award.

Link to the Publication


[wp8] WU Mensa Menü

Windows Phone-App for the menu of the WU Mensa

Coded in C#/XAML

Link to the Windows Phone Store


[win8] [wp8] [firefox os] Multiplayer Reactor

Port of my bada app to other platforms

Ported from C++ to HTML/jQuery

Link to the Windows Store

Link to the Windows Phone Store

Link to the Firefox OS Marketplace


[win8] some small Windows 8-Projects

Created for getting into Windows 8 App-Development and for participating in the Developer Challenge of

Coded in HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript (jQuery)

Schuldtilgung, Rentenrechnung, Stroboskop, Pixeltest


[web] Dropbox-Management

Web-Interface for my script that is managing to Dropbox-Folder of the Business Law program, because more than 1.000 concurrent users with little IT knowledge tend to cause problems.

Coded in PHP/HTML5/jQuery/Bootstrap/Dropbox-REST-API

Link to the Web-Service


[bada] Multiplayer Reactor

A game featuring local multiplayer for 2-4 players, testing knowledge and reaction time. Programmed for the Samsung Bada Pioneers Club

Coded in C++

Link to the App Market


[bada] Binaryclock-Widget

A simple binary clock widget, turned out to get quite popular despite of the little actual effort.

Widget coded in JavaScript/jQuery/HTML

Link to the App Market


[bada] WebCalendar-Widget

Programmed out of frustration for the missing bada-feature of communicating with iCal-based calendars.

Widget coded in JavaScript, the Microsite in PHP, both using HTML/CSS/jQuery

Link to the Microsite



A Webservice providing social yellow pages, inspired heavily by Wikipedia (everyone is allowed to edit everything).

Programmed as a high school project, won the Austrian DigBiz-Project Award.

Coded in OO-PHP, JavaScript, with use of HTML/CSS/jQuery

Link to the Website


[web] Homepage of the Poysdorf's youth brass band

My first PHP project, programmed for the brass band in which I'm a member for allowing better organization.

Link to the Website


[win] Binaryclock for WIN

Emerged out of curiosity - I wanted to know if I can handle a binary clock.

Published as Open Source, used in an exhibition in the school museum of the city of Nurnberg (Germany)

Coded in Visual Basic 6

Link to the Website